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Hi, my name is James and this is my story.

When my wife and I decided to get married we went through the process of selecting wedding vendors.  We picked the venue, photographer, practiced our first dance, and like many before me, wedding videographer was not on my radar.  I watched few family wedding videos when I was younger and I was not impressed with them.  So in my subconsciousness I probably told myself I didn’t need or want one.   However, after numerous discussions with friends who married before me, we decided to get a wedding videographer.  I didn’t do any research and I asked my wife to find someone who could do it for a reasonable price.

When we received our wedding video I was excited (I must have forgotten all the wedding videos I watched in the past).  I wanted to see how our wedding day was because it went by unbelievably fast and I wanted to see what I may have missed!

So, 2 hours into it I stopped and I was done.  I was disappointed.  There were some parts that I enjoyed but it was long and boring.  It’s by far the most expensive day of my life and now I am left without a film that will help me relive the day.  I regret not researching about the wedding videography.

So I started my research AFTER the big day to see what was out there for me.  I started to educate about event videos in general to see what’s available and timely enough my wife found something called TTD (Trash the dress) and we did a shoot in NYC and the final product was just AMAZING.  The short highlight had a huge impact on us.  We watch the TTD more than our wedding video.  This experience changed my perspective in life.  I finally found something I WANTED to do.

Wedding is one of most important day in many peoples’ lives and it should be remembered.  Videos captures the moments, voices, and expression like no other media and I set a mission to capture this very special day for couples.  It’s a very special day and I wanted all the new couples to have something I didn’t get from my wedding.  An AMAZING video that will tell your unique story and help you relive the day.

Are you ready?  What is your story?